Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st ultra sound!

Went to the doctor is looking good. I'm due August 20th, but since that is the same time that Trinity will be starting kindergarden, (and I won't miss her first day) he is going to induce me a week or so early!!! August is going to be a busy month for the Methvin family.

Also, the doc. said I can drink one redbull a day.......thankgoodness, because I was dying. I'm so sleepy.


The Lada Family said...

How did you get that picture online. And... your ultrasound looks much better than mine. mine is more of a blob. Yours actually has little arm and leg buds.

Hopefully by Monday we'll have one more "bud" than just arms and legs :-)

NaeNae and Family said...

Congrats! Your ultrasound looks really good. Kenz and Parker both looked like jelly beans for the longest. Jamie is already trying to pass off one of the legs as boy parts, I couldn't help but laugh when he was trying to convince me of that. :)