Sunday, January 24, 2010

home improvments

I decided to get our windows trimmed out. WOW....what a difference! I can't believe I waited this long to have it done. It makes my windows look so much bigger. Even Trinity helped with the home project. The only problem we had was that Trin had some sandpaper and decided to rub it on our black, baby grand piano! Dang it....I'm hoping there is some kind of polish that will help buff out some of the scratches.

We don't have the blinds up yet....the paint is still damp. Plus I have to put the stuff back on my fireplace mantel. I'll post finished pictures later.
Thanks Dad for doing an AWESOME JOB!!!!


Nic Whitescarver said...

It looks like dad didn't level out the trim in the last picture. It's got a big slant from left to right. In fact the table slants that way too!

Jim Methvin said...

Your windows look so great. I know you must be really enjoying looking at them. Darlene