Sunday, April 19, 2009


I just picked a TICK off of Trinity!! They creep me out really bad! You never know how long you have had it, where it came from and is it carring a disease!! That's it...we are getting our house and yard sprayed this week. I think I scared Trinity because when I told her that they suck your blood, she almost started to cry. opps I really just wanted to stress that if she found one again tell one of us so we can get it.

Yesterday we were walking over to our next door neighbors house to give him money for his missionary trip. Trinity was going to give him the money and we were going to wish him a safe trip. She asked "where is he going on a mystery ship?" : ) lol

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Heather said...

isn't sweet what they say? I have to put some of that stuff on my blog too.
hey I need to add your email to my list. I have to make my blog wouldn't believe the story if I told you...maybe you would. After you have baby, we could meet up for a drink and I will tell you the story.