Monday, April 13, 2009

09 Easter pictures

We went to Harrison for Easter. Trinity got to color eggs and hunt them at both her Ma-maw's and her Nana's. Ann Marie, Trinity and Mary coloring eggs. Two of her favorite cousins.

Yes, my child is holding her eggs in a plastic sack. I took her Easter basket, we just forgot to take it to Jamie's family egg hunt. This baby is sucking the memory out of me! We don't match/coordinate this year. It was my intention, I just ran out of time with this pregnancy, the car wreck and the yard sale. Easter was here before I knew it. Next year we will be, I won't be pregnant! Not that you can blame everything on being pregnant, but dang you can blame a lot on it.
Coloring eggs at Nana's house. it August yet? lol Pictures are not very nice when you are pregnant. I mean I'm right on target with this whole weight thing, it's just I feel huge and I still have four months left. One thing is for sure, I will get this weight off! I'm just probably feeling bad because all these pregnancy emails that I signed up for were not very encouraging this week. They all talked about getting strech marks and being hungry and tired. I don't want to read that...because then that's all I'll be thinking or stressing about. On a good note though, Alyssa has been kicking a lot latley. I think that is probably one of the coolest parts of being pregnant! "kick me baby one more time!"


Nic Whitescarver said...

"Kick me baby one more time?" Was that a Brittney Spears reference?

Imelda said...

hey girl,
Can you send me your email address? I need to ask you something. Well, you can send an email to
Anyway, I wish I knew that you were in Harrison last weekend, we could have hang out together. I've seen pictures of you and family but never really meet you in person :)
Titus were trying to call Mike while we were at his parents but I Mike was in Branson. Anyway, Happy "late" Easter!