Saturday, July 26, 2008

So I'm at work on a Saturday morning (7am), and my appointment has no-showed me! I really hate when people do this to me. I mean I got up early for this person.......hello! I could have slept in and all. lol cause I can't sleep in. It totally stinks sometimes, because there are times that I'm tired. I think it's because my parents always said I was wasting the day away by sleeping in.
Starting in January, Noggins Salon will be closed on Saturdays! Oh man, I can't wait. I'll be off every Sat, Sun and Mon. How awesome will that be.....finally have my Saturday with my family! yippy
The girls (noggins) and I have been doing this fitness bootcamp thing four days a week, and next week is the last week. I'm sad, because I really liked it. I mean I went to the gym and ran all the time, but this was something different and I am exercising with friends. Plus everyone is really seeing results. I might do it again.....

I'll post pictures this weekend.

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The Lada Family said...

Joey might join boot camp! I really want him to. We need to get more people signed up for the discount.