Sunday, April 27, 2008

What big eyes we have!

Well hello again! Time to catch you up on the Methvin's from Conway. Trinity got her picture taken, so family expect pictures soon(about time huh?). I think they are going to be pretty cute.....but who am I to judge. I'm just her mother.

So I'm not a fan of the whole diet thing, I think diet is Die with a T! But after having some blood sugar issues Jamie and I decided to try the Southbeach diet. 2 weeks of no sugar or pretty much anything that has carbs in them. Well to make a long story short, Jamie has really stuck with it, and has lost 10 1/2 lbs!!!! yea Like I said diet is not my thing, I didn't last very long. I get up at 4am five days a week to workout/run so I didn't feel bad for quitting. Jamie on the other hand, wanted to lose some weight. He gets up in the morning to take Sammi for a walk and then in the evening he has been running about 2 miles everyday. I'm so proud of him!
Our new patio set!! Happy Mother's Day to me....exactly what I wanted. It was on sale, so Jamie thought he better get it now. Good thinking babe!! We try to eat as many meals on it as possible, till a bug lands in your food. yuck Anyway, we just love it. It's black wrought iron, if you can't tell. The umbrella will come later, I'm looking for just the right one. A bright sold color.

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The Lada Family said...

I'm going to have to talk JOey into going to Toad Suck. Two weekends in a row of rides and junk food. Molly's going to love it! I wish that I would have got my butt out to run more and I'd do the 5k with you... but I don't think I'd be able to finish.
Your pictures are all SUPER cute!