Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three generations! I think we all look pretty good. The Mumski came this way, so I did her hair. Trinity got her hair curled and me, well what can I say! J/K This summer when the Geester (grandma DeVore) comes we will have to take another picture.

Next weekend is Toad Suck Days, Conway's town festival. Trinity is excited about her Nana coming with us. It's definitely a lot of fun, rides, food, and crafts....what more could you want? This year I will be running in the Toad Suck 5k, super pumped. This is my 2nd 5k, I really want to beat my time of 27mins. We are trying to convince Trinity to do the toad race, (you race real frogs) but she doesn't want to touch a toad. Not that I blame her, I mean they are kind of icky, plus the whole wart thing........definitely a no for me! I personally love the food, yum yum! They have this stand that sells roasted ears of corn on the cob....OMG, they are the bomb. Dipped in butter, with husk on one end, it's cornolicious!! My mouth is watering just typing about them. I think I ate three last year. A whole weekend of Toad Suck fun.... you can really spend the money (Nana bring some cash). Hey, it all goes back to our town and it's only once a year, so oh well. Doesn't that sound like a blast? It starts this Friday for anyone who wants to come, just let us know.

Trinity just loves to dress up....don't know who she gets that from. I think it's Jamie. LOL Doesn't she look the cutiest? I mean who doesn't love a good hat?

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