Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st grade!

Trinity's first day of the 1st grade started this past Thursday Aug.19th.  She was a little bit worried that her teacher (a new teacher to the school) would be old and wrinkleybut, she wasn't.  Whew!   On the way to school Friday ( the 2nd day), Trinity said to me, "in Kindergarten you only got one warring and then you had to move your card to yellow, but in 1st grade  you get lots and lots of chances before you have to move your card!"  I told her it was probally because it was the first days of school.  I have a feeling that her talking is going to be a problem AGAIN this year.   I asked Trinity to give her best 1st grade pose, and this is what I got!  A salute....I'm not sure why.   hehe!

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