Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Trinity is the very best big sister! She reads to Alyssa, sings to her and acts silly just to make her laugh. My hope is that Alyssa and Trinity will always be close.

Every morning Trinity sings The Star Spangeled Banner and Alyssa just smiles really big at her. Really though, you can't help but smile when she sings that song....it's way too cute. Somehow she hears the word "Santa" in the song. Hey....who am I to correct a six year old when she sings it with such passion? She even adds a little vibrato in there to make her voice shake! You know, to fancy it up a bit! So this is my morning, getting ready all girls in my bathroom and Trinity singing The Star Spangeled Banner to us. Man.... how sweet life can be!!

I can't wait to see what Alyssa has in store for us!

They were both looking so cute that moring so I had to take their picture and Sammi their sister-dog had to be in the picture as well.

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