Saturday, February 20, 2010

a week in the life of the Methvin's

Valentines weekend we sent the girls to the grandparents and we went with some friends to the horse races. I came home with money, but Jamie lost all of his! haha

Alyssa is getting so big....six months old and has her first tooth coming thru!!! No wonder she has been a slight bit crabby. She doesn't look like a baby baby anymore to me, and she can sit all day long like a big girl. Anything in her reach, she is grabbing it and putting in her mouth. I hope it's all clean! She is a good baby.

I was trying to take Trinity's picture because she had on a cute outfit that her Ma-Maw got her for valentines day, so I told her to give me a pose and this is the pose she gave! A bunny hopping pose!! She is such a silly dork which I'm pretty sure she gets from her daddy!

Trinity went to cheernastics this week, and they gave her a super star ribbion!! She got it for working so hard and doing a great job in cheerleading....well duh! Some of the other parents said that they don't give out ribbons very often....but they gave one to my baby!! Woot wooot!! She was so excited.

Thursday Trinity's school had a musical night and the whole Kindergarten got on stage and sang several songs. Except for the fact that Trinity was closer to the back and we were sitting on the wrong side to see her very well, it was really cute. Trinity is the one with her hands in the air! :-)

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The Lada Family said...

Michelle, you look so pretty in your picture! glowing skin... i need one of those skin things! :-)