Thursday, August 13, 2009

The exciting day

We went to the hospital Tuesday Aug. 11th at 4:00 am, checked in and started the inducement. Family started showing up midmorning. Around noonish they checked and told us that I was dilated to a 6 and they wanted me to lay in a different position to see if it would move things along. Jamie decided that this was a good time for everyone to go grab a bite to eat(including him). So, I was left alone to lay on my side and maybe catch a few zzz's. Maybe 5-15 mins into laying there, I felt uncomfortable so I called the nurse. She decided to go ahead and check me just to see if anything was happening. Baby was here! I quickly called Jamie and told him to come back, baby is coming NOW! Jamie was at Mcdonalds, stuck in the drive-thru between two cars (on the inside lane at a 2 lane McDonalds). He made it to the order spot and the lady asked what he wanted and he told her that "my wife is having a baby I need out of here!" He did made it back in time, but only a few minutes before the doctor! Alyssa came with only three pushes during one contraction at 12:30pm! 7lbs 3oz 19in

Everyone is doing fine. Trinity was and is still so very excited. She wants to hold her, dress her, carry her....all of it! She will be the best big sister Alyssa could ever ask for.

My pregnancy is finally over and I am glad! Now I have to get back in shape!

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Imelda said...

Oh...I love reading birth story. They always give me baby fever ;)
I'm glad everything went well.