Thursday, August 20, 2009

1st day of kindergarten

Trinity looking cute and ready to go!
Walking into the school building
Trin sitting at her table in her classroom.
I didn't cry on the first day of school. I was too excited for her. Today, (2nd day) we were on our way out the door to go to school, and Trinity asked me if she could start calling me Mom instead of Mommy. Well, I'm not ready for that so I had to tell her that she wasn't old enough to call me Mom yet. When pulled up to the school she jumped right out with her backpack on lunch box in hand and walked herself all the way to her classroom by herself! That's when I got a bit teary eyed. My baby....growing up!


The Lada Family said...

I'm impressed that you didn't cry. All those post pregnant hormones running through ya. I'm pretty sure I'll cry.

emily and eric said...

goot thing you have a new baby to keep you distracted from trin growing up!