Monday, July 13, 2009

Dang those skunks....

Sammi and I walk early in the mornings (5:30am), and about 2 months ago a skunk crossed in front of us! Omgosh, at first I thought it was a black cat, until I spotted the white stripe down it's back. So I screamed and ran the other way! It's not like we walk in the wild or something...I walk in the neighborhoods around us! All I could think of is this thing spraying us and then what would I do? It freaked me out so much that I dreamed about it two nights in a row.

Since then I have gone other ways, but the whole time watching out for that stupid skunk! Today on my way to the doctor, I saw another dang skunk in a different neighborhood that I walk in and it sprayed at me! I was in my car, but what if I wasn't? He would have got me! Now what am I going to do? It's not like I can mace the thing, cause he will just mace me back...and being nine months pregnant I'm not the fastest runner ever. This stupid little skunk is possibly going to stop me from walking in the mornings! I mean, I can't have this baby smelling skunk. How nice, her 1st mom reaked of skunk when I was born! Ugh

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