Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trinity's new dresser!!!

I finally found her a dresser and it looks so good in her room! Since we went for the black dresser, her white bookshelf just didn't look right. So, Saturday afternoon I painted her book shelf black. You will notice that the roof is still green...that is going to change to hot pink. It's just that since it was so wet and humid Sunday it took forever for the black to dry. Books all over her bedroom floor is just not my style, so we went ahead and set up her room. Plus, I wanted to see how it was going to look. I'm going to paint it this weekend. Already have the paint! Then, we have to wait till Nana can paint the room for us! June...I'm hoping. Once that is done, I have some new stuff for her walls to hang and presto, it's done! The black furniture really pops out in her room! The pictures just don't do it as much's a big girl room, cute and sassy. Perfect, since she will be starting kindergarten soon.

My baby graduates pre-k on Friday...I can't believe it! Time goes by so fast. I don't understand why it slows down only when you are pregnant! They have a cap and gown to wear and I'm sure she will look the cutest! There will be lots of pictures taken.
I'll tell you what I'm ready for...besides not being pregnant anymore, is her school supply list! As a kid, it was fun to pick out your school supplies...folders, backpack, pencils etc. Rest assured, Trinity will have her stuff early. I won't be one of those parents scrambling at the last minute to find a certain school supply. Plus, you have to do the back to school clothes shopping...I mean you have to have a couple of new outfits and some new shoes to start school, right?
On another note, I only have 12 weeks left of this pregnancy! Well, 11 if you consider I'm going to be induced a week early. Yay...single digits, here I come! : )


The Lada Family said...

It all looks super cute! I love the black furniture.

Heather said...

Michelle! that is so cute! I love it. I paint things and they just look crappy! would love some tips sister.
Where did you end up getting the dresser?