Monday, April 27, 2009


So Sunday, the sun was really shining...right? I decided that while Trinity was at Disney on Ice that I would go lay outside and read a book. This pregnant body really needed some sun. I had this tanning lotion made for the tanning beds...bronzer stuff. Covered my body with lotion and layed in my lounge chair with my two piece swimsuit on...good book in hand. Two hours later I thought I would go check out my tan in the mirror, plus I was tired of the sun. Red is what I saw on my upper legs and belly! My belly hurts the most...right around the belly button hole area. It's not used to sticking out, being so close to the sun. Opps :) Thank goodness I covered my face the whole time with a hat. My arms got pretty tan though. I know everyone can agree that tan fat is ten times better than white fat!

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