Monday, March 2, 2009

1st day of soccer.....

Tonight was Trinity's 1st soccer practice. Man, was she meet her teammates, to kick the ball around. It was so cold outside that the coach decided to just explain things to the parents and then let everyone go, without practicing. The whole day Trinity was looking forward to practice and then when we found our team she didn't practice, because of the cold.....this five year old just didn't understand. So, of course, there were tears. But.....our first game is this Saturday at 9:30am if anyone wants to come and watch. I'm sure it will be interesting... a game without any practice!

Doesn't she look good, with her new outfit and her ultra sporty shoes?!!
Kicking the ball around before we found our team. Brrrrrr...It was cold!!

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emily and eric said...

i need some belly pics!!