Saturday, June 28, 2008

our family beach pictures!

here they are, our beach pictures.....the girls at work have been asking about them. So as you can tell, it was kind of windy. I think our family picture turned out good. We have to crop out that piece of hair sticking up on my head.

We will definitely have to take pictures on the beach again next year, cause we're going back!! Something about the ocean, it's so peaceful and relaxing. Maybe it's the whole you're on vacation thing, one thing is forsure the sunset on the beach......bee-u-tee-ful!!


The Lada Family said...

They're all so good!! I want to go next summer. How long of a drive was it?

Pete said...

Jamie, your looking good. Keep up the good job. Michelle, you don't look bad eather. Love you all. G.P.

Heather Ribich said...

Look hair is the wind blown are at the beach. These pictures are gorgeous. And how have you gotten so tan?